JICA Indonesia Office

JICA Indonesia Office


Address JICA Indonesia Office
Plaza BII Tower II 27th Floor, Jl. M. H. Thamrin No.51
Central Jakarta 10350 INDONESIA
Phone 62-21-3907533
FAX 62-21-3907536

Application Process

* The invitation for each course would be circulated and announced officially by the Bureau for Foreign Technical Cooperation-The State Secretariat (SETNEG) to the relevant government institution(s).
* The applicant should ensure that the Application Form is completed in English and that the necessary supporting documents, such as questionnaire and/or report required for the specific course, are enclosed with the Form
* The completed Application Form should be officially signed and approved by the applicant’s ministry or institution and officially sent to SETNEG. Please do not send the Application Form directly to JICA
* SETNEG would endorse the selected Application Form and officially submit the Form(s) to JICA Indonesia
* The applicant who has been selected would be notified by JICA Indonesia through an official written document (“Acceptance Letter”) and would be required to attend a pre-departure briefing for an overview of the training course.
* As part of JICA’s follow-up cooperation with the returnees from the training courses in Japan, all participants are encouraged to become members of the

Training Program

Eligible Training Candidates

Indonesian Young Leaders who are technicians, researchers, engineers, practitioners, and administrators and officially nominated by the Government of Indonesia (The Bureau for Foreign Technical Cooperation-The State Secretariat/SETNEG) are eligible to apply for the training courses.

The requirements for application are varied from one course to another. Interested applicant should refer to the intended course’ outline (please check the list of courses offered) with basic requirements as follows:

* Applicant should be an Indonesian Citizen
* Applicant should be of twenty (20) to thirty-five (35) years of age
* Applicant should not have made any previous visit to Japan
* Applicant should possess sufficient command of English or Japanese both in spoken and written
* Applicant should be physically and mentally fit and healthy to undergo training. Pregnancy could be regarded as a disqualification
* Applicant should not be serving in the military
* Selected participant is not allowed to change either the duration or the contents of the course and to extend his/her stay after the training
* No family member is allowed to accompany the selected participant
* Selected participant is not allowed to re-route his/her designated flights
* Selected participant is not allowed to be involved in any form of political activity or engaged in any form of employment during a training course
* All rules and regulations related to logistic and accommodation in Japan must be observed by each participant

No.3 EDUCATION (Primary and Lower-Secondary Level)
Venue of Training Institution: JICA Osaka Int’l Centre and JICA Hyogo Int’l Centre, JAPAN

Objective :

* To enable participants to gain knowledge on the education system in Japan.
* To acquire knowledge to be utilized in Indonesia in order to improve the education system and its problem solving.

Outline of Program :

1. Lectures: overall policies on education system in Japan.
2. Observation: primary and secondary schools, nursery school, museum and teachers’ training.
3. Discussion with schoolteachers.
4. Exchange views and ideas with Japanese teachers.

Background of Participants :
Number of Participants: 18 (eighteen) persons.

The participants are mostly teachers at elementary and junior high schools in Central Java, Sulawesi and Sumatera.

Jl. Veteran No 16 – 18
Jakarta 10110


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